Marketing Strategy and Brand Positioning

Redefine, reinvent to stay relevant

Marketing Strategy

Product innovation, branding and holistic marketing

  • Identifying new segments
  • Articulating novel value propositions
  • Strategies for demand generation
  • Strategy evaluation and Gap Analysis
  • Converting products into solutions
  • Transforming vendor into integrated service and solutions provider
  • Promotional strategy
  • Personalization and Mass Customization strategies
  • Product development and improvement through co-creation
  • Internal branding
  • Pricing and value augmentation
  • Revenue Generation strategies
  • Social Media Content Marketing – Co-creating user generated content, content curation, persona mapping and dovetailed content strategy

Brand Positioning

  • Competitive mapping and identifying market gaps
  • Exploration of consumers’ unmet needs, associations with concepts and imagery
  • Articulation of brand essence
  • Developing brand value proposition and positioning strategy