“Continuous virtual engagement and mobility are the keys to contemporary market research”

  • B2B research
  • B2C Research
  • Secondary Research
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Private Online Communities
  • Mobile Surveys
  • WhatsApp Groups

Leverage technology to partner with your customers continuously

Our multimedia customer engagement expertise can help you leverage technology to draw live insights across territories.

Whether it is continuous conversations on a private online community or quick multi-country mobile surveys, our expertise in blended (online/offline) methodologies gives you high quality insights in short project cycles.

Increase ROI in Data Capture

Mindsbourg helps you maximize your returns from investments already made.
We examine:

  • What data is captured now?
  • How is the data being used?
  • Can further insights be gained from the existing data?
  • Are further investments in data capture necessary?

Shrink the gap between insight gathering and decision making.

We go beyond research to give you strategy support grounded in consumer insights ensuring you use every bit of vital insights for effective decisions.

Our combined offering of insights plus strategy frees you from the hassle of working with different agencies, and saves you time and cost.

Decades of solid research background frees us from “expert consultant bias”, so you can be assured that the advice you get is tailored to your needs.

Decision making with an ear to the ground. That’s what we do at Mindsbourg.

A one-stop shop for consulting & insights.