Insights and Decision Support

Insights throughout the decision cycle

We engage in a meaningful dialogue with your target demographic. A dynamic interaction where questions, answers, ideas and perspectives constantly emerge and evolve. Integrate this with all web-based touch points to get a well rounded view from your customers.

No reports that land on your table 3 months later. Get a window seat to the whole journey through your own access to the community. Being armed with the context makes implementation faster.

Generate instant reports in Excel and PDF for your interim needs. Often, when the study returns a fresh insight, you have the flexibility to follow and see where it goes.

  • Market Assessment and Feasibility
  • Market Sizing and Demand Forecasting
  • Insights to Action plans
  • Transforming products into solutions
  • Strategies for converging Technical, Commercial and Social rationale

The Tool Box

Private Online Communities

Continuous interaction with a ‘miniature market’ through the project life cycle.

Mobile Surveys

Multi media cross country research within 1 to 2 weeks’ project cycles.

Co-creation Workshops

Harness the power of collective innovation.
From discussion to demonstration.

Strategic Tools for Diagnosis

  • Customer experience management
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Competitive mapping
  • Customer journeys

Secondary Research

Milch the data for comprehensive insights.
Customized to decision needs.

In-Depth Interviews

Focus on CXO, top decision makers, functional heads & experts, senior leaders.

Instant Insights at every point in the decision cycle.