“Today’s consumers are knowledge consumers. They have boundless access, they explore actively and want to be hands-on in giving shape to the offering.” It is their brand. Not yours.

Collaborative Innovation

Partner with customers for user generated content, developing product bundles, event marketing, assessing competitiveness, evolving brand concepts … in short, for any marketing innovation.

01. Ideation on online community

  • Engage for insights
  • Generate ideas
  • Develop and test concepts & prototypes
  • Observe directly and raise questions
  • Option to include in-house experts and supply chain partners

02. Co-creation event

  • Consumers work HANDS-ON to develop solutions
  • Option to include in-house representatives and supply chain partners

03. Post event discussions on the online community

  • Continue conversations post event
  • Further exploration & testing
  • Insights continue through implementation and performance assessment

Harness the power of HANDS-ON collaborative innovation for your marketing efforts

  • Increase speed to market
  • Maximize new product wins
  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Increase retention
  • Instill supply chain-wide customer centricity
  • Gain virality

Co-creation instills in the consumers a sense of pride and ownership of the brand.

Benefit from consumers’ collective knowledge and ideas by co-creating products.